Blue Eyed Hamsa Amulets from Morocco

These Moroccan hamsa, or Hand of Fatima, amulets feature the blue eye bead in their palms. Blue beads, particularly as eyes, are considered effective against the evil eye. This likely relates to the old idea in Muslim lands that people with blue eyes are particularly prone to have the power of the evil eye. These amulets are made to be hung on walls or doors rather than to be worn on one's person.

These hamsas were photographed in the Moroccan crafts store Marrakech Express. I am extremely grateful to them for letting me photograph everything in their store.

On this second amulet, the blue bead is more obviously an eye, with the eye image worked into the detailing on the piece.

On this third amulet, the central blue bead is also more obviously an eye and there is an additional eye image on the wrist area as well.


The Marrakech Express Collection

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