The Marrakech Express Collection

Apotropaic Imagery in Moroccan Crafts

This is part of a collection of photographs taken at a Moroccan crafts store called Marrakech Express, formerly on South Street, Philadelphia. The owner was generous in letting me photograph just about everything in the store. Unfortunately, the hard-drive containing the originals to these photographs crashed while only a small percentage had been taken off it and edited to be posted here. It is hoped that the files will be able to be extracted at a later date, but this is the collection as it stands now. The pages are as they were created for a past website section called Apotropos. I plan to re-edit them at a later date, hopefully with the rest of the collection.

001: The Moroccan Lizard Mirror

002: A Moroccan Mirror with a Hamsa Handle

003: A Hamsa Mirror

004: An Apotropaic Mirror from Morocco

005: Moroccan Lizard Lamps

006: Hamsa or Hand of Fatima Amulets on Moroccan Handbags

007: Blue Eyed Hamsa Amulets from Morocco

008: A Hamsa Doorknocker from Morocco

009: A Moroccan Souvenir Plate with a Hamsa Image

010: More Lizards on a Moroccan Lamp

011: Scorpion Keychain Amulets from Morocco

012: A Knife-Shaped Keychain Amulet from Morocco

013: Ceramic Shoe Amulets from Morocco

014: A Metal Shoe Amulet from Morocco

015: A Marble Shoe Keychain Amulet from Morocco

016: Apotropaic Elements in Moroccan Pottery Design

017: A Moroccan Hamsa with Blue Beads and a Lunar Crescent

018: A Skeletal Moroccan Hamsa with Blue Beads

019: A Moroccan Hamsa with Red Beads

020: A Moroccan Hamsa Business Card Holder

021: Hamsas on Moroccan Glasses

022: A Peacock and Cowrie Amulet Against the Evil Eye

023: Another Moroccan Lamp With Lizard Designs

024: A Lunar Pendant from Morocco with Five Moons

025: A Moroccan Crescent Amulet with Five Blue Beads

026: Abstract Hand Imagery On Moroccan Plates one

027: Abstract Hand Imagery On Moroccan Plates two

028: Abstract Hand Imagery On Moroccan Plates three

029: Abstract Hand Imagery On Moroccan Pottery

030: A Hand Keychain from Morocco

031: A Large Amuletic Pendant from Morocco

032: A Moroccan Necklace with Triple Strands of Blue Beads

033: An Enameled Moroccan Hamsa

034: An Enameled Moroccan Hamsa

035: An Enameled Moroccan Hamsa

036: An Enameled Moroccan Hamsa

037: Moroccan Shoe Keychain Amulets

038: A Triangular Moroccan Drum with a Hamsa Design

039: A Moroccan Hamsa Powderhorn



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