A Large Amuletic Pendant from Morocco

The most striking feature of this amulet (besides its rather large size, about three inches across) is the crescent, putting it in the rather common category of crescent amulets from North Africa. It also features red, blue and green beads. The red and blue beads are common in apotropaic devices. Green is sometimes seen, but I am not sure of what significance the green may have. Another notable feature is the five hanging pieces, which give this amulet the quality of a hamsa, Arabic for "five." Amulets with five hanging pieces are often seen. Compare with the amuletic pendant in file mor025 and the apotropaic mirror in the file mor004.

This amulet was photographed in the Moroccan crafts store Marrakech Express. I am extremely grateful to the store for letting me photograph everything in their store.


The Marrakech Express Collection

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